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No Regrets, My Love

“No Regrets, My Love” ©2009

Surviving inconceivable loss of someone you love with no regrets.

This is a captivating memoir of a life of two souls put together by the Universe. They experience abundant happiness, struggles, and darkness, and create an extraordinary life because of the lessons they learned along the way. Then suddenly the unthinkable happens. A fatal accident occurs.

See how a woman copes and recovers from her worst tragedy. On a day like any other, she receives news that the love of her life was killed. From the heart, she openly tells her story of what it was like to live through grief and despair. She reflects on the magic, laughter, addiction, turmoil, courage, and wrong turns during her marriage. Ultimately, she found incredible happiness with her husband, her best friend. She touches on traditional and non-traditional approaches to healing and why she needed them.

This incredible journey with love, loss, and grief has redefined her. With this transformation she hopes to share her experiences and help others heal from their own tragedies..

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“The Widow-bago Tour, a Journey of Healing” ©2011

Join Margaret, her three Siberian Huskies, a cat, and a personal assistant, as they venture down a road frequently but silently traveled. A distinctive Winnebago transports her through three New England states on a unique book signing tour as she exhibits hope.

After unexpectedly becoming a widow, in response to her tragedy, she published a moving memoir about her marriage and journey of loss. Due to shared experience she connected with readers and they revealed that her book had the power to heal. She was then driven to encourage others to unlock the vault of pain in which they were trapped.

Laugh, cry, and witness courage and strength in finding life again. Take an enchanting stroll down memory lane; get a glimpse of how tragedy changes her, experience the mystical gifts from loved ones on the Other Side, walk with a group that has been continually told to get over it. Then, embrace the spiritual growth you receive while traveling along this inspirational journey.

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